I thought that testimonials from my clients would help future brides gain an insight in to the work I do and the services I offer. I hope to include them as and when I receive them.

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Sunela is the perfect balance of relaxed, professional and clairvoyant! She made organising a wedding in Sri Lanka all the way from Australia easier than expected. She was on the same page as me from day one and even added beautiful special touches and details that were so perfectly ‘us’ that it was as though she chose them from my brain!

To say the day and night were perfect is an understatement. We felt as though we were in a dream, or at a Hollywood wedding.
We can’t thank Sunela enough for creating an amazing event that we’ll never forget.”
Grace & James, 5th July 2012.


Suné and I were neighbors in office and I knew she was a wedding planner, so it was only normal for me to ask her to plan my wedding and oh my, isn’t she the BEST!!  She made my wedding more perfect (if that’s possible) than what I dreamt it would be.

I had two functions – a registration ceremony two weeks before the wedding. It was just family and Suné saw to everything. She stood by me not only as a wedding planner, but as my friend. She has such a personal touch to her and one automatically feels at ease with her – she’s calm and capable – very capable.

My husband and I wanted an intimate wedding with a selected group of people. Suné organsied the whole event from the table setting, to the table planning, to the menu, to which guest ate what. Truthfully, I didn’t do anything on the day of my wedding – it was Suné who did EVERYTHING!! She juggled family, friends, the Hotel and all parties concerned. Its nerve wracking to be a bride – wondering if the guests will have a good time, will the family enjoy themselves. But let me tell you, I got glowing reports from my friends, from my husband’s friends on how wonderful the wedding was and trust me I had nothing to do with it – it was ALL Suné. Most said they’d never been to such a beautiful intimate wedding before.

Suné will make your special day fabulous. She is truly one of a kind and I will recommend her wedding planning skills to anyone at the blink of an eye. Suné you’re the greatest!!

Nishanthi & Nadeeka, 30th December 2011.


I didn’t realise how much work planning a wedding involved until I actually sat down to do it. And then the panic set in …. but I was fortunate enough to meet Sunela while she was coordinating my cousin’s wedding and decided to rope her in to helping me plan mine. I started off by thinking of the wedding as a big chore I wanted to get over and done with as fast as possible, but Sunela’s enthusiasm was infectious and I was soon throwing myself into the wedding planning with renewed energy.

She is extremely organised  and kept me on my toes, ensuring that I stuck to the  deadlines we had initially set,  which was good because I can be quite the slacker and most often kept things for the last-minute! With less than 5 months to plan the wedding it was a huge burden off our shoulders to have her help us sort out pretty much everything, from coordinating with the venue and setting up various appointments, to planning menus and floral arrangements.

Sunela also has a great network of contacts in the wedding industry which is helpful if you have no idea whom to contact. She is easy-going, creative and works with your ideas, which is great because I wanted to keep the ceremony quite simple and that is exactly what I got! Plus I never once saw her stress out over anything, which helped us keep our sanity as well.

With Sunela making sure “the show” ran smoothly, we had a stress-free wedding day and we were able to relax and enjoy the evening with our family and friends.

Anouchka & Nishan, 6th January 2011.


Sune and I have been best friends since we were 13, so it was no surprise that I turned to her for coordinating my wedding in December 2010. As I live away from Sri Lanka most of the planning leading up to the big day was done over emails. Sune has previous experience in working with many of the wedding vendors in Colombo and that experience and knowledge was very helpful for me in deciding on my service providers, not having met them personally.

It was only a couple of times that we met up prior to the wedding due to my busy schedule, yet she made sure every little detail was discussed. I was very impressed with the amount of work and thinking that had gone in to making the itinerary for the wedding day, which included everything from tone of music to the percentage of lighting in the hall.

On the day she was calm, accommodating and fully prepared. We ended up moving the outdoor ceremony indoors due to bad weather only a few hours before the start of the wedding.­ Sune was great at communicating with all parties and making sure everyone was aware of all changes and that I was happy with all decisions.

Sune, Thank you so much for everything you did for us. We appreciate all you did to make sure above all, that Aga and I had the time of our lives.

Kushani & Agashan, 22nd December 2010.

As most ladies would agree with me, every girl dreams of her own fairytale wedding and it can turn out to be very stressful if you don’t have someone solid to rely on. For me it was my cousin Sunela that really made the difference on my wedding day. All I had to do was just tell her what I wanted done and she made it happen. She is a perfectionist, so she will not stop until she gets it RIGHT, whether it be planning the menu, organizing appointments, ideas for décor, seating arrangements, coordinating the whole event and amidst all that she would still remember to check if the bride has been fed! Cos when I’m hungry I can get quite cranky. So that’s pretty much how personal she gets in understanding who you are. Even the last-minute hiccups (secrets only the bride & the wedding planner would know) are covered up with that reassuring smile of hers very smoothly for no one to notice. I found Sune to be very tasteful in her approach and super organized which made life very easy. She has a fantastic network in this field that I guarantee you she will take you to the best and give you options to suit your budget. I also loved the fact that unlike most who would want it their way she constantly asked me “sweets how would you like it?” – As a result a lot of things were so much more meaningful to me & my partner on that special day having chosen it ourselves, than have a stranger pick it for you. It’s been six months to date since my wedding, and if I could have done it all over again I would not change a thing. – Thanks Sune For Making My Dream Wedding A Reality…You’re a STAR!

Asangi & Andrew Perera, 11th July 2010.

Our daughter Vindya wanted to have a garden Poruwa with the sunset. We had to have a dinner reception at another venue to keep in with her dream wedding. This needed a lot of planning, with a lot of logistic problems involved.

It was a god send to have Sune to do the coordination. Although she was only supposed to handle the logistics on the day of the event, she began finalizing everything with us from about a week prior to the wedding. Everything was planned to perfection for the day but these were hampered by the torrential rains the night before. A road closure between the two hotels for the better part of the morning, and having to change the site for the poruwa from the Garden to the hall, was enough for anyone to go berserk. But Sune handled it all for us (especially us the bride’s parents, who had a time trying to convince her to agree to a poruwa ceremony indoors) and everything was beautiful and went off without a hitch. Sune has the ideal nature and qualities for a GOOD wedding planner. There is very little that she would miss during the planning stages and being an organized person with a knack for getting things done makes Sune an ideal planner and an absolute asset to have with you, on the day of the wedding.

Wedding of Vindya and Nuwan Bandara, 13th May 2010, Chandani & Paddy Withana.


Thank you for helping us organise what was a “DREAM” Homecoming. The planning was exquisite, the venue was stunning, your attention to detail was amazing, everything went so smoothly. Couldn’t have done without you. We really appreciate your persnal attention given to make this day so special to us.

Yavnika & Gayanath, 23rd November 2009.


We had the best time at our wedding. It was one of those days where everything went “just right”.
It was perfect.

Sunela worked behind the scenes to make sure the day went by like clockwork. She was impeccably organized and always had a smile on her face.
She did a great job!

Wendy & Prassanna, 5th May 2009.

One Response to “Recommendations”
  1. Tehara says:

    Sunela is undoubtably the epitome of perfection and professionalism. She orchestrated our wedding to the finest detail, alleviating so much unforeseen stress. During the planning process all we had to do was give her a call and the issue was rectified. Quite honestly our wedding would not have been the way it was, if not for Sunela. As myself and family live overseas, she provided the necessary link to allow the wedding to run smoothly. There is so much that is easily overseen during the planning process and Sunela helped us deal with each stage methodically and thoroughly. As both my friends and family will attest to, Sunela was remarkable to the day. From arranging bouquets to making sure the reception looked like a picture from a fairytale – she was there. She has an efficiency and professionalism that I found very rare in Sri Lanka.

    I have already personally recommended Sunela to three of my closest friends this year. Thank you once again Sunela, we really are so grateful for the part you played in making our day truly one we will never ever forget.

    Tehara & Chinthaka Jayawardana, 3rd January 2013

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