Wedding Cakes!

Ive been meaning to write a post on wedding cakes for quite sometime now but have been busy with weddings.

In my opinion wedding cakes are an important part of any wedding reception. In the past a lot of couples have opted for structured fake cakes but of recent i have been seeing more and more people opting to get real cakes which can later be cut and served to guests.

At a time when wedding cake pieces are expensive due to the use of expensive ingredients like nuts and cherries etc having a structure made of real cake may not be such a bad idea.

I came across some lovely cakes which I wanted to share with you. They all look so yummy!

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5 Responses to “Wedding Cakes!”
  1. venue Cyprus says:

    Wow, they are some great cakes. They are not too over the top and they are quite simple in the design. I like the last one with the purple vines. It is very simple but it is very eye catching at the same time. This would be great to tie in with colours of the wedding perhaps if the bride was in white with the brides maids in purple.

    • Sunela says:

      Thanks VC, I thought so too. I prefer simple cakes. Yes the last cake would be great for a white and purple wedding. I love the touch of deep purple flowers!

  2. Diane Pennington says:

    My daughter loves the top cake with the diamond/rhinestone adornment. She would like something very similar for her wedding cake. Do you know anything about the edible diamonds? Will they hold up on cream cheese frosting which has a high cream cheese/low sugar proportion? Can they be applied about 6 hours ahead of time? They are quite spendy and the sites selling them have no answers to my questions. Thanks!

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