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Eco Friendly Wedding

In honour of World Earth Day, I’ve found some inspiring ideas to help you along the way. If your sensitive to the world we live in and want to do your part even on your wedding day, keep reading..! Ideas for a greener wedding; choose a fair-labor diamond or stone for your wedding rings choose a eco-friendly … Continue reading

Bar Statements

If your looking to jazz up a cocktail area for your wedding, look no further than these beauties by my guru Preston Bailey!   Photo Credits: http://www.prestonbailey.com

Stylish Flower Girls

    How cute are these flower girl dresses? I simply love the feathered fascinator on the featured image. I have seen many brides wearing fascinators but find that it is better suited for a flower girl.   Photo Credits: http://www.poshbabystore.com/

Pretty in Pink

Pink is a lovely colour to incorporate into your wedding theme. It comes in various shades ranging from the soft baby pink to the more bold and daring hot pink. Depending on where your wedding is and during which time of the year it takes place, pink can be used throughout. Team it with purple, … Continue reading


It’s a relatively new trend in the Sri Lankan wedding industry but something which seems essential if you’re aiming for an elegant affair. Calligraphy is the beautiful way of writing and is a visual art. According to Wikipedia “Modern calligraphy ranges from functional hand-lettered inscriptions and designs to fine-art pieces where the abstract expression of the … Continue reading

Yellow Inspiration

I am a huge fan of Yellow. Recently I saw sunshine yellow being combined with black and burnt yellow which looked stunning. The bridesmaids at the wedding looked positively lovely. I think it blends really well with a Sri Lankan complexion. It seems to be a favourite (although many may not be bold enough to … Continue reading

Wedding Cakes!

Ive been meaning to write a post on wedding cakes for quite sometime now but have been busy with weddings. In my opinion wedding cakes are an important part of any wedding reception. In the past a lot of couples have opted for structured fake cakes but of recent i have been seeing more and … Continue reading

Weekend Poll!

A Black and White affair

A friend of mine is getting married in November with a black and white theme thus the timing for this post. It is quite uncommon in Sri Lanka to have a black and white themed wedding, particularly due to the fact that many elders have preconceived notions about weddings. However black and white make a lovely combination. … Continue reading

Pretty in Purple

Purple or shades of it seems to be a favourite with brides. Purple is the colour of royalty and nobility and happens to be my favourite colour. It comes in so many different shades and can be anything between violet and indigo. The most common purple flowers available in Sri Lanka are the Orchid and … Continue reading